For planners

Are you a wedding/event planner who is looking to work with us to make awesome sauce stationery for your couples? We are so excited to work with you!

To ensure that we have enough time to get things done right for each of our couples, we may need to limit the number of 2022/2023 weddings that we will be working on.

We will also be implementing some new procedures that will, going forward, be required for all planners to follow when booking a consultation or order on behalf of their clients. Please see below for the details.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at if you have any questions.

1) All planners are required to book a discovery call for their clients or have their clients book a discovery call using our online booking calendar. [CLICK HERE to book]
We will no longer be accepting consultation or quote requests by text or Instagram direct messaging. Email quote requests will only be accepted when accompanied by a pre-consultation form.

Couples working with a planner who has completed our “Stationery 101” workshop do not need to book a 15-minute discovery call. They can, instead, book an in-person consultation [HERE] or an online consultation [HERE]

2) All planners are required to fill out a pre-consultation form for their clients prior to their client’s consultation.
This form sets up your client’s account in our online system and provides us with the pertinent information regarding their event that we will need for their stationery order going forward. If we don’t have this information, we cannot have proper samples prepared, quote properly or provide accurate proofing.

If there is additional documentation such as inspiration samples and text, please do send these as an email attachment after the form has been completed.

 [CLICK HERE for the pre-consultation form for planners] 

3) All planners must specify a primary contact for the design account.
Different planners have different working relationships with their clients. Some couples want to be hands-on, others completely hands-off. Will we be working with the client, you the planner or a combination of both? We need to know.

More importantly, we need to know who is responsible for giving the final approval on both the design work and the payment of the invoicing.

4) Bookings will be accepted and consultations/design work will be prioritized by event date.
Couples looking to book for weddings in the same calendar year will take priority over those looking to schedule for their event more than 12 months in the future. Please read below for “last minute” wedding design requirements.

5) Planners looking to create stationery on short timelines of less than 1.5 calendar month(s) prior to the event or in hand-date run the risk of us not being able to accommodate the order.
Wedding season can get busy for us all, and we need to schedule our design time amongst existing weddings. Should a planner need an array of stationery items last-minute, we run the risk of not being able to complete the order in time, and/or incur rush charges for designing, printing and procuring materials.

Should last-minute orders jeopardize the completion of existing orders, we will have to decline them.

6) Design times and submission of documentation.
During the wedding season, we need to schedule design time for orders. The timelines for the completion of your client’s order rely on the timely submission of client-provided information. We will provide you with a “submit by” date. Delays to submissions on your end will not only compromise your client’s order and completion timeline but also any other design time that we have scheduled for other orders.

7) Rental orders.
Planners who wish to rent items from our rental collection for their clients are asked to put their orders through on our rental page. This allows us to know what we will have in stock for your client’s event, and also allows us to set up the rental deposit.

Failure to comply with the protocol outlined above
may result in us not being able to take on your client’s design project and/or may incur rush fees.

We encourage all planners who have not worked with us in the past to participate in a Stationery 101 Workshop.
This workshop discusses stationery design and print as an overview, so you, the planner, can have a better idea as to timelines, design possibilities and pricing. This will help you help your clients at the beginning stages of the planning journey.

To see when we will be holding our next workshop, please visit this page [HERE].