ok, not going to lie, i totally heard [arthur weasley’s] voice in my head as i wrote that title. but, this post is about save the date cards, and not about rubber ducks, so, onward we go!

a friend recently asked me about the difference (if there is any) between a save the date and an invitation. this sparked the idea for this particular post. i guess some of us who have worked in the design/wedding industry can take for granted some of the knowledge that we have accumulated over the years.

so, to answer this question, there is indeed a difference between the two items.

the easiest way that i can break down the save the date’s function is an informal, “head’s up”. they let the guests know that you are getting married (yay!), and that they are on the guest list (double yay!), and want them to keep that spot open on their calendar.

these are a great way of letting your guests know the who and what, even if you currently don’t have the where and when nailed down.

the invitation is the formal way of letting your guests know all of the details regarding your wedding. the invitation itself contains the ceremony date, time and location. other pieces can be added to your stationery package to include rsvp cards (to mail back or containing directions on how to rsvp online), accommodation cards (to help those from out of town find a place to stay), and maps (to guide guests to the ceremony and reception locations).

so although they are similar in some ways, there are distinct differences between the two. and remember, it is perfectly acceptable to pass on the save the dates and go straight to the invitations.